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RTJ Welding Neck Flange

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Forged Flanges

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What Is Weld Neck Flange? As the name recommends this flange is appended to the pipe by welding neck of flange. This aides in exchanging worry from the flange to the pipe making it appropriate for high pressure weight applications. The int

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What Is Weld Neck Flange?

As the name recommends, this flange is appended to the pipe by welding neck of flange. This aides in exchanging worry from the flange to the pipe, making it appropriate for high pressure weight applications. The internal width of this pipe flange is made by the pipe’s size.

Weld neck flange is not the same as different sorts of flange as far as having a long tapered hub point and smooth move of thickness in the area of the butt weld interfacing them to the pipe. The long tapered hub point of the weld neck flange gives a critical support of the flange appropriate from the perspective of energy and imperviousness to pressure weight and dishing. The smooth move from the flange thickness to the thickness of pipe wall affected by the taper is very valuable under circumstances of rehashed twisting, bending happen because of line development or other variable strengths, and creates a durable energy of welding neck flange congregations equivalent to that of a butt welded joint among popes, which, in useful way, is indistinguishable as that of an unwelded pipe.

Along these lines, this kind of flange is more reasonable for the majority of the extraordinary administration conditions, regardless of whether this outcomes from hoisted temperature or high weight pressure, and whether stacking circumstances are essentially steady or change between expansive points of confinement; welding flanges are particularly proposed for overseeing explosives, exorbitant and combustible or flammable fluids, where local disappointment or loss of solidness can be come about after a lamentable result or occasion.


ANSI B16.5,ASME B16.5,ASME B16.47,ASME B16.36,ASME B16.48,AWWA C-207,API 605,API590,MSS SP44,API6A








B.S 3293,B.S 4504,B.S 10


ISO 7005-1


AS2129,AS4087, AS, NZS 4331.1


JIS B2220,JIS B2238,JIS B2290,JIS G3443-2,JPI-7S-15,JPI-7S-43










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1.Carbon Steel

A105,A350 LF1,A350 LF2,A350 LF3

2.Stainless Steel

ASTM SA-182/SA-182M F304,F304H,F304L,F316,F316H,F316L,F321,321H,F316Ti,317,F317H,F347,F904L,F310

3.Duplex Stainless Steel


4. Hastelloy

Hastelloy  B,Hastelloy  B-2,Hastelloy  B-3,Hastelloy  C-4,Hastelloy  C-22,,Hastelloy  C-276,Hastelloy  C-2000,Hastelloy  G-35,Hastelloy  G-30,Hastelloy N,Hastelloy S,Hastelloy X

5. Haynes

Haynes 188,Haynes 230,Haynes 556

6. Incoloy

Incoloy 020,Incoloy 800,Incoloy 800H,Incoloy 800HT,Incoloy 825,Incoloy 925,Incoloy A-286,

7. Inconel

Inconel 600,Inconel 601,Inconel 617,Inconel 625,Inconel 718,Inconel X750

8. Monel

Monel 400,Monel 401,Monel 404,Monel K-500

9. Nickel

Nickel 200,Nickel 201